A new era is upon us, and Tangent💚 is back with a third limited series hosted by Proptech Entrepreneur Edward Cohen and Venture Capitalist Jeffrey Berman. Tangent unites Proptech founders💡, real estate investors🏢, urban leaders🏙 and passionate creators🌎 who are improving our cities and quality of life. Join us to learn how we can solve the present day challenges in our communities with innovative technology and greater collaboration. We’ll examine diverse issues through interviews and conversations where going off on a tangent is encouraged, hoping to help you become a more nuanced thinker, and find comfort in data.

If you are working on a Proptech solution, a non-profit or a small business that makes our cities better, and would like your mission featured on our Features segment, please email us at tangentcommunity@gmail.com

Stay curious and always be learning! 🤓 
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