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How a 100-year-old Real Estate Family Business Stays at the Forefront of Proptech Innovation, with Rudin Management EVP Michael Rudin

Michael Rudin, SVP of Rudin Management and a key member of his family's proptech investing business Rudin Ventures, shares on Tangent what it takes to stay relevant in a saturated market; from tenant-focused renovations that prioritize both physical and technological amenities, to being a corporate leader in ESG strategies and the importance of public-private partnerships to solve some of the most challenging issues the industry is currently facing.

How Can Modular Buildings Transform Housing, Construction and City Life, with FullStack Modular CEO & Real Estate Development Pioneer Roger Krulak

On this Tangent episode, we dissect the state of modular construction with FullStack Modular's CEO Roger Krulak, a pioneering development and construction executive with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Roger walks us through why the design-bid-build model is inefficient, and how off-site construction can help stakeholders better collaborate and align incentives which will ultimately result in time and cost efficiencies. We also discuss how there needs to be a paradigm shift around modular construction, and how public/private partnerships can help alleviate the housing supply and affordability crisis.

The Fastest Start Up to Become a Unicorn in US History is a Proptech Company Revolutionizing 2nd Home Ownership, with Pacaso CEO and Former Zillow Exec Austin Allison

Austin Allison is the Co-founder and CEO of Pacaso, a service that creates a more accessible category of second-home ownership and that is currently valued at $1BN. As a 2nd time founder after the successful exit of his first proptech company Dootlop to Zillow, Austin shares with us the lessons learnt throughout his entrepreneurial journey - such as what it takes to be a founder, which resources to optimize for, and how to think about industry pain points and TAM - and more broadly, his views on the housing crisis in the US.

How Can CRE Players & Urban Planners Use Data Analytics to Improve Our Buildings & Cities, with CBRE's Real Estate Data Expert Manu Pathak

On today's episode, we explore the intersection of data science and real estate with Manu Pathak, an urban planner and real estate data scientist working at CBRE's Business Development and Solutions Analytics for corporate occupier services. Tune in to learn more about what makes a data set useful, how urban planners and real estate stakeholders can utilize this data for optimal decision making, and where the data is lacking.

The State of Proptech Investing and Adoption in Post-Covid Cities, with seasoned VC investor Jeffrey Berman from Camber Creek

Jeffrey Berman has been at the forefront of the Proptech movement since 2008, and as General Partner of Camber Creek (investor in Latch, VTS, and Compstak among others), he shares with us his insights on the current state of real estate technology adoption, seeking alpha in proptech VC investing, ESG, and the role that real estate owners & operators are playing as LPs and users in the fund's decision making.

Digitizing Single-Family Home Investing with the Ultimate Real Estate Tech Stack, with Plotify CEO and ex Bloomberg Fintech Pioneer Anish Malhotra

Anish Malhotra has led cutting-edge innovation over 20 years across real estate, hospitality, technology and capital markets. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of Plotify, a data and algorithm driven end-to-end technology real estate asset manager. Plotify allows sophisticated investors and family offices from anywhere in the world to instantaneously build and optimize a customized portfolio of directly and wholly owned, income-generating real estate assets with speed, precision and economies of scale, starting with Single Family Rentals in the USA and UK.

Ethical Data Collection and Consumer Modeling within Home Product Sales, with Knoq CEO Kendall Tucker

Kendall Tucker is the Founder & CEO of Knoq, a technology company that recruits, trains and guides neighborhood sales representatives at scale. Knoq creates stronger, more personalized conversations between reps and their neighbors by using customer modeling to predict the appropriate home product fit for each household. Kendall shares how her company has evolved since it's initial focus on political canvassing, amassing and analyzing a database of 270M Americans, and the strategic shift post-pandemic toward data platform sales.

'The Big Short' Investor Steve Eisman on the Housing Market, Becoming a Zillow Bull and Big Short Predictions for 2021

'The Big Short' investor Steve Eisman famously predicted the US housing market crash during the Great Recession of 2008. Steve was featured in Michael Lewisโ€™ book The Big Short, and was later portrayed by Steve Carell in the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name. Steve is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman in New York City, where he manages an alternative equity fund.

How Buildings Shape Our Behavior, Health & Happiness, with Award-Winning Science Journalist Emily Anthes

Modern humans are an indoor species. We spend 90 percent of our time inside, shuttling between homes and offices, schools and stores, restaurants and gyms. And yet, for all the time we spend inside buildings, we rarely stop to consider: How do these spaces affect our mental and physical well-being? Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? Our productivity, performance, and relationships? Emily's work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Wired, Nature, Slate, Businessweek, Scientific American, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere.

Navigating Landlord-Tenant Relationships Successfully and How to Network in the Remote Work Era, with NYU Real Estate Law Professor Matthew Kasindorf

Matthew Kasindorf is the Chair of Meister Seelig & Fein's Real Estate Group. He is an accomplished transactional lawyer specializing in sophisticated real estate and investment ventures in New York and throughout the United States. Mr. Kasindorf counsels clients in the formation, syndication, acquisition, financing, development, sale and leasing of all real estate asset classes. He has extensive experience in crafting joint ventures, investment funds and other strategic alliances with particular emphasis on business, tax and finance issues.

Making NYC's Economy Stronger and More Inclusive, Growth vs. Resilience Approach, Office Coexisting with Remote Work, with NYCEDC's Jonathan Lane

Jonathan Lane is an AVP at New York Cityโ€™s Economic Development Corporation, NYC's primary public sector engine for inclusive economic growth and diversification. At NYCEDC, Jon oversses Urbantech NYC, an industry development portfolio to grow and strengthen the urban technology and smart cities industry by providing piloting, space, networks, capital, and more. Jonathan holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard and an MBA from MIT.

Antifragile Cities: Embracing Disorder and How The Pandemic Will Shape the Way We Live, Work & Learn, with Real Estate Professor Dr. Joshua Harris

Dr. Josh Harris shares his latest work "Antifragile Survivors and the Role of Extreme Events". Dr. Harris discusses Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Antifragile framework, the Pandemic effects on Student Housing and the future of work. Dr. Harris & Edward debate whether vertical cities have an advantage over horizontal cities coming out of COVID-19 and the unique challenges millennials face.

Tech-enabled Mental Health Care in Cities & Stigma Around Substance Use Disorder, with Strive Health VP Benjamin Knafo

"Don't let the WHEN, get in the WAY", pleads Benjamin Knafo, VP of Strategic Growth at Healthcare Tech company Strive Health. How Strive's evidence-based, cost-effective and high-quality outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs help individuals recover and maintain their life in the โ€œreal worldโ€ as they rebuild healthy, self-directed lives.

Proptech CEO Devin Wirt on How Tech-Enabled Residential & Commercial Amenities Bring Communities Together

TFLiving CEO Devin Wirt takes us through his entrepreneurial journey into the Real Estate amenities space, the impact quality mentors had guiding him forward and what measures property owners and managers are taking to ensure renters and tenants are safe. We discuss US urban mobility trends from NYC & SF to Denver & Austin, as well as how TFLiving is harnessing Proptech to enable on-site & virtual amenities, the future of the gig economy and

Multifamily Trailblazer Robert Morgenstern on the Future of Proptech and NYC Real Estate

Robert Morgenstern, Founder & Managing Principal of Canvas Property Group, takes us through his journey from residential broker in New York City to creating one of the most innovative multifamily management firms in Proptech. Rob explains how his firm is helping partners thrive in Residential operations during times of crisis. We examine Canvas' competitive advantage of extracting actionable data, improving renters' experience and investor returns while increasing transparency in property management as competitive advantage.

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