Come sit with us and learn how investing in Real Estate Technology initiatives improve our communities & our cities. We’ll examine diverse issues through interviews & conversations where going off on a tangent is encouraged, hoping to help you become a better entrepreneur, a more nuanced thinker & more informed citizen.

Edward Cohen is a Proptech entrepreneur & Chief Content & Growth Officer at Traded Media.

Costa Rican by birth, accent, & sports allegiance American by citizenship & misplaced exceptionalism. His conviction as a citizen of the world is that Collaboration is our superpower as a species & the only way forward is to be forever learning through multi-sector cooperation & innovation.

Jeffrey Berman is a Partner at Camber Creek, where he invests and advises dozens of Proptech and Urban tech companies.

Zach Aarons is the GP & Co-founder at MetaProp, where he's invested in over 150 Proptech companies.

If you are working on a Proptech solution, a non-profit cause or a small business that make our cities better, & would like your mission featured on on Tangent's Feature segment, email us at tangentcommunity@gmail.com

Stay curious and always be learning! 🤓

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