Antifragile Cities: Embracing Disorder and How The Pandemic Will Shape the Way We Live, Work & Learn, with Real Estate Professor Dr. Joshua Harris

Dr. Josh Harris shares his latest work "Antifragile Survivors and the Role of Extreme Events". Dr. Harris discusses Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Antifragile framework, the Pandemic effects on Student Housing and the future of work. Dr. Harris & Edward debate whether vertical cities have an advantage over horizontal cities coming out of COVID-19 and the unique challenges millennials face.
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1:50 - Antifragile Survivors and the Role of Extreme Events
8:50 - Future of Student Housing & Economies of College Towns
16:27 - Why Our Physical and Digital Worlds Won't Converge Just Yet
22:07 - Stimulus: Rock the Vote - Digital Volunteer for the Upcoming Elections
23:31 - Do Vertical Cities Have an Advantage Over Horizontal Cities Coming out of the Pandemic?
30:02 - Survivorship Effect: History is Written by the Winners & the Survivors
35:34 - The Future of Work: Will FOMO Bring Us Back to the Office?
41:46 - Discomfort Zone: Why Dr. Harris Ditched His Airline Status Fever
45:15 - Advise to a 20-year old starting their career in Real Estate Development

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