'The Big Short' Investor Steve Eisman on the Housing Market, Becoming a Zillow Bull and Big Short Predictions

'The Big Short' investor Steve Eisman famously predicted the US housing market crash during the Great Recession of 2008. Steve was featured in Michael Lewisโ€™ book The Big Short, and was later portrayed by Steve Carell in the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name. Steve is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman in New York City, where he manages an alternative equity fund.
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Project Parachute (https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/)
Project Parachute on the Real Deal

1:21 - 2008 Financial Crisis vs. Pandemic: How is it impacting real estate values differently?
4:16 - Cyclical or Permanent: Transfer of wealth from Commercial to Residential Real Estate
5:38 - Is Washington making the same mistake as โ€™08?
8:24 - How will home-builders like Lennar perform in a post-vaccine world?
9:30 - Stimulus: Project Parachute, protecting vulnerable NYC renters from eviction
11:01 - Are single-family home rentals here to stay as an investment class?
13:42 - From bear to bull: A Zillow story
16:02 - Steve's Big Short predictions for 2021
17:27 - Is Anti-trust regulation coming for Facebook, Google & Big Tech?
20:21 - Commercial Real Estate REIT's long-term issues
26:06 - Discomfort Zone: Sub-prime mortgage and auto lenders unchecked consumer fraud in โ€™02

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Steve Eisman
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