Digitizing Single-Family Home Investing with the Ultimate Real Estate Tech Stack, with Plotify CEO and ex Bloomberg Fintech Pioneer Anish Malhotra

Anish Malhotra has led cutting-edge innovation over 20 years across real estate, hospitality, technology and capital markets. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of Plotify, a data and algorithm driven end-to-end technology real estate asset manager. Plotify allows sophisticated investors and family offices from anywhere in the world to instantaneously build and optimize a customized portfolio of directly and wholly owned, income-generating real estate assets with speed, precision and economies of scale, starting with Single Family Rentals in the USA and UK.
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The Product: Plotify

The Industry: Single Family Homes

The Vision: Democratizing Real Estate Investing for Global Investors

1:24 - Anish's Journey: From digitizing financial markets with Bloomberg Tradebook to digitizing real estate transactions at Plotify
5:24 - How Plotify was born out of friction and frustration within an antiquated and illiquid Real Estate market
9:47 - How is Plotify distinct from 'Real Estate Crowdfunding'?
13:45 - Stimulus: One Rental at a Time
15:08 - Incorporating data models and a risk matrix to assess cross-market Real Estate investments
22:08 - Why is now the time to invest in Single-Family Rentals?
27:21 - How will Plotify scale up globally in the next 5 years?
32:35 - Streamlining real estate transactions, management and powering investors' peace of mind
38:38 - Discomfort Zone: The future of farming and the impact of 'Big Food'

Creators and Guests

Edward Cohen
Edward Cohen
Host & Executive Producer at Tangent
Anish Malhotra
Anish Malhotra
Founder & CEO at Plotify
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