How to Increase Workplace Efficiency, Improve Tenant Well-being & Reach Sustainability Goals, with Enlighted CEO Stefan Schwab

Stefan Schwab is the CEO of Enlighted (acquired by Siemens), a Proptech provider of IoT solutions at the intersection of people, space, and work. Enlighted combines cognitive environmental IoT sensors and lighting controls that connect to intelligent workplace experience apps, offering a singular, scalable, interoperable solution to address a spectrum of building, space, and productivity needs. Customers include AT&T, WWE and the UK's NHS.

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➑️ Cuby Technologies (site) - mobile micro-factory solution to develop housing and buildings in less time.

(3:12) - Implementing RTO plans
(6:45) - Measuring occupier productivity and wellbeing
(12:54) - Building management software integrations
(15:00) - Differentiating your product and data in a crowded marketplace
(18:22) - Feature: Cuby Technologies - mobile micro-factory solution to develop housing and buildings in less time
(19:42) - Case Study: WWE's HQ in Stamford, CT
(26:40) - Why should office buildings care about sustainability goals
(29:36) - AI opportunities for CRE investors
(33:39) - Future of Cities: Augsburg, Germany

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