Tech-enabled Mental Health Care in Cities & Stigma Around Substance Use Disorder, with Strive Health VP Benjamin Knafo

"Don't let the WHEN, get in the WAY", pleads Benjamin Knafo, VP of Strategic Growth at Healthcare Tech company Strive Health. How Strive's evidence-based, cost-effective and high-quality outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs help individuals recover and maintain their life in the β€œreal world” as they rebuild healthy, self-directed lives.
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1:28 - A Mission to Increase Access to Addiction and Mental Health Treatment
4:08 - Residential vs. Real World Habits
8:48 - How Tech is Helping with our Self Care: Silver Lining Post COVID-19
15:23 - Stimulus: Arielle Sadan's Revel & Awe Coaching Company
17:24 - Combating Stigma and Language to Address the Suicide Epidemic
21:00 - Untreated Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders Cost America $700B
21:48 - NIMBY-ism & Education Around Addiction Stigma in Our Neighborhoods
26:10 - Addicted to Tech: Social Media and Smartphone Overuse
30:33 - Discomfort Zone: Benji's Brave and Inspiring Approach to Overcoming His Toughest Period
32:33 - Advice to a 20-year old starting their career in Healthcare Tech

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