Fundrise CEO Ben Miller on Real Estate & VC Investment Strategies, Macro Trends for 2024 & Building the Online Blackstone

Ben Miller is the co-founder and CEO of Fundrise, the largest direct-to-consumer alternative asset manager in the US. Under his leadership, Fundrise has grown to over 2 million active users and over $3 billion in real estate private equity, private credit, and growth-stage venture capital. Ben also serves as Chairman of the Board of three publicly-registered investment companies and, during his 25-year career, has acquired more than $8 billion of real estate assets, including 37,000 residential units and 5 million square feet of industrial and commercial space.

(00:26) - Fundrise's journey to revolutionizing private market investing
(8:13) - Benefits of end-to-end platform experience
(12:49) - Growth-stage Venture Capital fund (Part I)
(15:43) - Real Estate investment strategy
(19:20) - Feature: Housing Trust SV (site) - Housing finance & public-private partnerships to create more equitable & affordable communities
(20:31) - AI impact on Commercial Real Estate
(28:14) - Macro trends impacting Real Estate
(29:46) - Economy outlook for 2024
(35:24) - Growth-stage Venture Capital fund (Part II)
(46:25) - Long-term vs. short-term lessons
(48:59) - Collaboration Superpower: Alexander Hamilton

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➡️ Housing Trust Silicon Valley's site - Housing finance & public-private partnerships to create more equitable & affordable communities.

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