Housing Crisis | Jeff Bezos-backed Real Estate Company Allows Regular People to Invest in Rental Homes, with Arrived CEO Ryan Frazier

Ryan Frazier is the Co-founder and CEO at Arrived Homes, the Real Estate tech company that Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff invested in to make the wealth building potential of owning rental homes & vacation rentals more accessible. Ryan and the Arrived team believe they can do that by simplifying the process, and lowering the cost to get started. With Arrived anyone can buy shares in income producing rental properties starting at just $100. Arrived takes care of all the real estate operations so that investors can sit back and collect net rental income and their share of the home's appreciation.

(2:42) - Arrived Homes origin story
(7:49) - Arrived's end-to-end platform
(9:14) - Investor returns with Arrived vs. REITs
(14:44) - Seattle's Proptech Ecosystem
(16:30) - Feature: Housing Trust Silicon Valley (site)
(17:41) - Investing in single family homes vs. Residential funds
(21:48) - Arrived's real estate investor community
(24:35) - Proptech's strategy to competing with Institutional SFR
(30:06) - Build-to-rent opportunity
(33:57) - Housing market predictions for 2024
(39:42) - Collaboration Superpower: Christina Tosi (Founder at Milk Bar - Wikipedia)

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➑️ Housing Trust Silicon Valley's site - Housing finance & public-private partnerships to create more equitable & affordable communities.

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