Housing Crisis | Unlocking 2% Mortgages, with Roam Founder & CEO Raunaq Singh

Raunaq Singh is the founder & CEO of Roam, the platform for purchasing a home with an assumable, low-rate mortgage included. Prior to founding Roam, Raunaq spent a decade in various product and operations roles across Uber, Opendoor and Culdesac. He received a Bachelor's degree in Political Economy from NYU and currently resides in New York City.

(2:26) - Lessons from Opendoor & Uber
(5:01) - Roam origin story
(7:36) - Feature: Housing Trust Silicon Valley
(8:48) - Assumable mortgage mechanics
(14:55) - Roam's Business Model
(16:38) - Benefits for mortgage lenders
(18:58) - Roam's homebuyers & sellers
(21:10) - Impact of interest rates on the business
(22:10) - Roam's New Closing Guarantee
(27:54) - Housing market in 2024
(31:59) - Collaboration Superpower: FHA, VA, Zillow, Redfin

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➑️ Housing Trust Silicon Valley's site - Housing finance & public-private partnerships to create more equitable & affordable communities.

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