How to Maximize Multifamily Performance with Renter Analytics, with RCKRBX CEO Michael Broder & COO James Moore

RCKRBX is the first real estate SaaS platform that puts the voice of the renter at the Multifamily developer's and investor's fingertips, including across key investment, development, marketing, leasing, and management decision points. The platform delivers actionable intelligence around the preferences, priorities, attitudes, and viewpoints that drive renter decision-making combined with predictive analytics to understand how these factors will impact asset performance and value over time, to what extent and why. Michael and James are applying their lessons from Political campaigning to the Real Estate world in a unique way.

(1:13) - State of Multifamily
(8:43) - Return to work impact on Multifamily
(11:45) - What Multifamily can learn from political campaigns
(16:44) - Demand side insights: What renters are looking for
(25:00) - Canvassing renter insights to power investment decisions
(32:23) - What Multifamily developers are missing
(40:42) - What moves the rent needle beyond typical amenities
(45:07) - Collaboration Superpower: Henry Ford

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