How Multifamily Investors Can Decarbonize Buildings Profitably & Avoid Fines, with Kelvin Founder & CEO Marshall Cox

Marshall Cox is a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and the Founder and CEO at Kelvin, winner of the MIT Clean energy prize, the Popular Science Innovation Award, and the Verizon Powerful Answers award. The Kelvin team has developed a system that eliminates overheating in pre-war buildings. The system, called the Cozy, is a wireless, low-cost, and easily installed retrofit that drops on top of radiators to control indoor temperatures in buildings with radiator heat. In individual installations the system can eliminate overheating and vastly improve comfort. By retrofitting whole buildings, the Cozy redistributes steam flow to heat up colder rooms faster, saving up to 40% in heating costs and yielding a potential cumulative annual savings of $7 billion over the 120 million residential and commercial radiators in the United States.

(0:22) - Why should we decarbonize buildings
(2:47) - Origin of heating tech
(3:55) - Carrots & sticks for building decarbonization
(7:17) - Kelvin origins
(9:46) - Kelvin's smart radiator covers
(11:37) - Improving operations' bottom line
(12:55) - Financing decarbonization solutions
(15:31) - Cozy's low maintenance
(17:22) - Precision in estimating building savings
(19:50) - Hybrid electrification adoption
(25:30) - Elevating living experience for renters
(26:38) - Collaboration Superpower: Jigar Shah (Director of Loan Programs in the US DoE)

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