State of Short-term Rentals & Airbnb Regulation, with Hostaway Founder & CEO Marcus Räder

Marcus Räder started his first company when he was 11 years old. Since then, he's been learning about the world of business, growing up in an environment where global communication and connectivity gets better each day. With 10 years of experience in EdTech and online marketing at various startups, he decided it was time to help others. By founding Hostaway, he helps Airbnb and short-term rental hosts improve their businesses.

(0:50) - Hostaway origins
(3:16) - State of Short-term Rental industry
(8:37) - Airbnb regulation
(14:32) - Marketplace fee monetization & consumer psychology
(21:28) - Adam Smith's free market, market failure & regulation vs. monopoly
(22:52) - All-in-one vacantion rental software
(29:18) - Role of online travel agencies
(31:26) - Proptech & Travel Tech lessons from EdTech
(34:28) - Collaboration Superpower: Alice Cooper

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Edward Cohen
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Marcus Räder
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