State of the Self Storage Market, On Demand Storage Models & Creating Value with Social Media Content, with DXD Capital Co-founder Cory Sylvester

As the Co-Founder of DXD Capital, Cory Sylvester brings 14 years of Real Estate & Finance expertise to revolutionize the Self Storage industry. Passionate about utilizing data and technology, Cory is building the largest platform for building and buying self storage facilities in the US. His Self Storage journey began with co-founding Radius+, a successful platform providing essential data for the self storage market. Through bootstrapping, they achieved seven-figure revenue and attracted the world's largest self storage company. Building on this success, DXD Capital was born, raising over $100M in equity and overseeing 30 facilities in various stages of completion. 

(1:00) - Self Storage Investor & developer sentiment
(3:20) - American consumerism
(8:38) - From Self Storage bear to Self Storage data software founder, investor and developer
(13:04) - DXD Capital's investment thesis
(16:10) - Feature: Strong Towns (site) - Make cities safe, livable, financially resilient and inspiring.
(17:25) - On demand storage & VC: Clutter, Neighbor, Stuf
(32:50) - Specialty Storage Subcategories: ISO, Boat Storage, Cold Storage, RV Storage
(35:05) - Building a social media personal brand for value creation
(50:22) - Collaboration Superpower: Elon Musk

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