CoreLogic CIO John Rogers on 22K Data Sources to Power Real Estate, Affordable Housing Development & Mitigate Climate Risk | Tangent @ Blueprint

John Rogers is the Chief Innovation Officer at CoreLogic, leading R&D on the biggest asset class in the world - the US Real Estate Economy, and driving new product development to market via an iconic property & location intelligence platform called Discovery. This platform allows clients that rely on data, insights, models and answers to drive growth or mitigate risk on their book of business. John asserts he's been fortunate to have worked in all 4 corners of the world leading large transformation projects in finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics and airlines, including at IBM and British Airways. This episode is part of the Tangent @ Blueprint series. Blueprint is the most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas every September.

(0:34) - Powering US Real Estate market
(1:30) - Climate Risk Analytics for Housing ecosystem
(4:28) - Truth data set
(5:56) - Streamlining affordable housing development & collaboration
(8:10) - Collaboration Superpower: Dr. Katherine Calvin at Chief Scientist at NASA

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