Housing Crisis | It's Not a Mortgage, It's Not Renting, It's Acre, with Acre Homes CEO & Co-founder Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider is the CEO & Co-founder of Acre Homes. Acre combines the ease of renting with the financial upside of owning. Acre is available in Raleigh-Durham, and will be launching in Atlanta and Nashville soon. Previously, Mike served as the VP of Technology Strategy at RE/MAX, and Co-founded First, a real estate tech company that leveraged machine learning to help agents win more business.

(2:12) - Acre: Breaking the Renting or Home Mortgage paradigm
(7:13) - Acre's model during variable interest rate environment
(8:59) - Opportunity residents & investors
(10:19) - Market growth
(10:54) - Taking the Tesla approach: 10x better than mortgage
(12:48) - Buying a home with a partner
(15:28) - Acre Homes price point
(16:47) - Feature: Blueprint 
(17:52) - Rent-to-own, buy before you sell, Home Equity products.
(21:41) - Challenges of mortgages & bias in home appraisals
(25:07) - Generating returns in Single family homes
(25:42) - North Carolina ecosystem: Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle
(29:51) - US cities transport options
(33:26) - Collaboration Superpower: Steve Jobs
(38:57) - Discomfort Zone: Is Built-to-rent overrated?

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Blueprint (BlueprintVegas.com/Tangent for ticket discount) - Most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas this September.

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