Housing Crisis | Transforming Housing Development with Workforce Creation & Political Innovation, with Inherent L3C CEO Tim Swanson

Timothy Swanson is the President & CEO of Inherent L3C, a Chicago-based low profit LLC focused on enabling and empowering long term affordable homeownership and generational wealth creation through modular housing development, workforce platform and a smart home marketplace for future homeowners.

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➡️Blueprint (BlueprintVegas.com/Tangent for ticket discount) - Most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas this September.

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(3:00) - Tim & Inherent L3C's story
(4:21) - L3C structure, low-profit mission-driven limited liability company
(7:11) - Feature: Blueprint - Largest event of Proptech innovators in Las Vegas on Sep. 11th-13th
(8:18) - Running 3 companies in 1
(10:15) - How is Inherent L3C funded?
(13:40) - Workforce: Creating a jobs platform for residential development
(16:11) - Workforce housing with better than living wage
(19:25) - Single family vs higher density housing
(21:26) - Tangent 'shiduch' - Roots 🤝 Inherent?
(24:26) - VC friendly businesses
(28:42) - Political strategy to propel change
(33:29) - Feature: Propify - One integration to rule all property mgmt. software
(34:35) - Future of Cities: Chicago
(38:39) - Collaboration Superpower: Vinton Cerf

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Tim Swanson
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