Housing Crisis | Rent-to-Invest & Build Residential Real Estate Wealth, with Roots Co-founder Daniel Dorfman

Daniel Dorfman is the Co-founder at Roots, an Atlanta-based company aiming to help 1 million people create wealth through residential real estate investing and their innovative ''Rent it like you own it'' program.

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(1:53) - Roots' pitch: Turning renters into investors
(3:59) - Roots' investors, assets & strategy
(6:51) - Tangent Glossary: Reg A REITs
(9:00) - Rent pricing strategy & planning fund reserves
(13:32) - Roots' company growth, rent growth & CoC
(16:19) - Renter incentives: Rent a home like you own it
(18:45) - Feature - Dottid: All-in-one commercial real estate asset management platform
(21:07) - Scaling in Atlanta market and beyond
(22:22) - Real Estate fund type and structure
(25:29) - Jeff's lesson for Proptech founders: to raise VC or not to
(26:43) - Trading lower CoC yield for higher appreciation & financial empowerment
(28:53) - Secret sauce
(32:55) - Discomfort Zone: Building resident trust
(35:07) - Resident community gamification & creating network effects
(38:26) - Collaboration Superpower: Public-private partnerships, Multifamily REIT's & Mel Brunson 

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