Proptech CEO Devin Wirt on How Tech-Enabled Residential & Commercial Amenities Bring Communities Together

TFLiving CEO Devin Wirt takes us through his entrepreneurial journey into the Real Estate amenities space, the impact quality mentors had guiding him forward and what measures property owners and managers are taking to ensure renters and tenants are safe. We discuss US urban mobility trends from NYC & SF to Denver & Austin, as well as how TFLiving is harnessing Proptech to enable on-site & virtual amenities, the future of the gig economy and
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1:47 - Devin's entrepreneurial journey into the Real Estate amenities space and TFLiving's mission to enhance resident experience.
4:16 - What measures are property owners & managers taking to ensure residents are safe during COVID-19?
10:14 - Urban mobility trends from Tier 1 cities (New York & San Francisco) to 18/7 cities.
12:43 - The appeal of Denver, Austin and Nashville for Multifamily investors
15:57 - Stimulus: Ilan Orgel's Fusion100 Lifestyle Brand
17:54 - Harnessing Proptech to Enable On-site & Virtual Amenities
22:41 - Real Estate opportunities in remote learning and remote fitness
25:59 - How to empower the Gig economy & foster synergy within a remote team
29:08 - AirBnB IPO and it's pivot to virtual experiences for renters
31:54 - Discomfort Zone: Learning the importance of mental health and seeking professional help
33:53 - What advice would Devin give his 20-year old self starting a career in Real Estate today?

About Devin Wirt & TFLiving
TFLiving is a tech-enabled amenities company providing services to residential and corporate locations across the US. TFLiving is a one-stop platform for on-site and virtual amenities, offering their services in 29 states, in over 100,000 units. Many of TFLiving’s partnerships include real estate developers and property managers, such as Bozzuto, KETTLER, Greystar, First Service Residential, UDR Apartments.

About Ilan Orgel & Fusion100
Fusion100 was created in June 2019 out of New York City. The goal was to create a brand that motivates people to become the best version of themselves, emphasizing that everyone is unique in their own way. Ilan Orgel was inspired to create a quality lifestyle brand that was fashionable as well as comfortable. He is beginning to build recognition for this brand by sharing merchandise with athletes and other motivated partners.

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Devin Wirt
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