The Easiest Way to Integrate Multifamily Property Management & Proptech, with Propify CEO & Co-founder Remen Okoruwa | Tangent @ Blueprint

Remen Okoruwa is product-minded leader who's working to unlock data for the property management industry. Remen and his co-founders met while they were working at Hubspot, and are now bringing their deep expertise about integrations to streamline Multifamily property management operations for all stakeholders. Propify (YC W23) recently raised $3.3M from VC firm Prudence, with additional funding from Fifth Wall, RXR, PropTech Angel Group, and HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah. This episode is part of the Tangent @ Blueprint series, the most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas every September.

(0:20) - Propify's origin story
(1:34) - Benefits for Multifamily Proptech companies
(2:55) - Translating data into insights & action
(3:58) - Multifamily use cases
(6:01) - Propify's unique business model
(7:56) - Hubspot lessons for Proptech
(9:21) - Where will Propify be in the next 12-24 months
(10:16) - Key growth metrics

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