Creating Pro-housing Ecosystems, with Ivory Innovations' Chief Innovation & Strategy Jenna Louie

Jenna Louie leads partnerships and strategic outreach at Ivory Innovations, and was previously an investor with the Urban Development Deal Team at Stanford. Ivory Innovations' mission is to catalyze innovation in housing affordability by promoting the most compelling ideas in housing by convening industry experts, inspiring students to tackle housing issues, sourcing and supporting the best innovative housing entrepreneurs, and putting these innovations into practice.

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➡️ Ivory Innovations (see portfolio)
➡️ Esusu - Helping people build financial opportunities (learn more)
➡️ Outreach Grid - End homelessness together (learn more)
➡️ PermitFlow - Fast, easy permitting (learn more)
Acre Homes - It's not a mortgage. It's not renting. It's Acre. (learn more)

Blueprint ( for ticket discount) - Most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas this September.

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(2:52) - Ivory Innovations intro 
(5:53) - Ivory ecosystem
(7:43) - How to align stakeholder incentives to put housing solutions into practice
(11:34) - Portfolio: Esusu, Outreach Grid, PermitFlow
(19:05) Feature - Blueprint Vegas: Global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas this September.
(20:43) - Pro-housing innovation cities: Salt Lake City & Minneapolis
(26:30) - "Low hanging fruit" pro-housing policies
(31:46) - Role of Academia in catalyzing housing disruption
(34:08) - Homeownership vs. renting & building wealth
(38:15) - Housing funding environment: VC's vs. other creative funding ways
(42:51) - Collaboration Superpower: Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore's First Prime Minister)

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Jenna Louie
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