The Real Deal's Amir Korangy on the Future of Real Estate Media, Building Hybrid Real Estate Communities & AI Opportunities & Threats

Amir R. Korangy is an Iranian-American publisher and film producer, who founded the business magazine, The Real Deal, about real estate and finance news. He also produced the PBS documentary, "Building Stories", about architect Costas Kondylis. Amir Korangy is also an adjunct associate professor of media and real estate at New York University where in the fall of 2018 he will be teaching a course titled the Korangy sessions where graduate students will have an opportunity to court questions as to the reality of real estate in the city and the country, complementing to their theoretical framework.

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PRN - Parking Reform Network - Education about the impact of parking policy on urban life & housing. - Visit website
Blueprint ( for ticket discount) - Most global event of Proptech innovators leading the charge in changing the built world in Las Vegas this September.

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(2:26) - Twitter / X & Threads, Elon & Zuck
(8:25) - Proptech & Contech sales on Social Media
(9:54) - #REtwit - Real Estate community's Twitter / X home
(11:50) - Parking Reform Network - Education about the impact of parking policy on urban life & housing.
(15:27) - Real Estate Business ed on TikTok, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram
(21:09) - The Real Deal's community & multichannel
(26:40) - The Real Deal's Dotcom bubble launch
(27:48) - AI Opportunities & Threats for Media
(30:33) - Zach's VC wins
(37:35) -  Feature: Blueprint - Largest event of Proptech innovators in Las Vegas on Sep. 11th-13th
(39:41) - AI & Copyright
(44:00) - AI-generated history, education & religion
(53:41) - Collaboration Superpower: Nick Denton (Gawker)

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