Rebuilding NYC's Economy to be Stronger and More Inclusive, Future of Commercial Real Estate & Rise of Remote Work, with NYC EDC's VP Jonathan Lane

Jonathan Lane is an VP at New York Cityโ€™s Economic Development Corporation, NYC's primary public sector engine for inclusive economic growth and diversification. At NYCEDC, Jon oversses Urbantech NYC, an industry development portfolio to grow and strengthen the urban technology and smart cities industry by providing piloting, space, networks, capital, and more. Jonathan holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard and an MBA from MIT.
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-Fusion100 (Discount code: Tangent)

Relevant Links:
-The Color of Law, by Richard Rothstein
-The 13th, on Netflix

2:37 - Jon's journey: From Non-profit to Venture Capital to the public sector
5:13 - What is the NYCEDC's role?
9:13 - #AllinNYC - Campaign to revitalize the city's hospitality sector & galvanize locals
14:20 - Growth vs. Resiliency: How can NYC become resilient and provide for all New Yorkers?
21:51 - Stimulus: Ilan Orgel's Fusion100
23:40 - Why NYC shouldn't worry about the headlines about tax base leaving
28:26 - LowTech: Can BigTech lead New York's next wave of innovation?
33:53 - Can NYC office & the remote work revolution coexist?
38:58 - A more just society starts with anti-racism & upward economic mobility
44:58 - Discomfort Zone: Personal resiliency to combat hustle culture
50:00 - Jon's advise to a 20-year old starting their career in the public sector 

Creators and Guests

Edward Cohen
Edward Cohen
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Jonathan Lane
Jonathan Lane
VP Infrastructure Innovation & the Green Economy at NYC EDC
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