Navigating Landlord-Tenant Relationships Successfully and How to Network in the Remote Work Era, with NYU Real Estate Law Professor Matthew Kasindorf

Matthew Kasindorf is the Chair of Meister Seelig & Fein's Real Estate Group. He is an accomplished transactional lawyer specializing in sophisticated real estate and investment ventures in New York and throughout the United States. Mr. Kasindorf counsels clients in the formation, syndication, acquisition, financing, development, sale and leasing of all real estate asset classes. He has extensive experience in crafting joint ventures, investment funds and other strategic alliances with particular emphasis on business, tax and finance issues.
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Featured Stimulus:

01:40 - Atomic Networking: How networking is changing in the remote work era
3:58 - The Democratization of Networking: Context is queen
13:01 - Real Estate Tech adoption during COVID-19
19:58 - How will Commercial leases change temporarily and permanently
24:37 - Stimulus: Revel & Awe Coaching Company
26:25 - Housing affordability & supply crisis: Is rent regulation making it worse?
30:46 - Has transparency finally arrived to Real Estate transactions
34:50 - Discomfort Zone: The '86 & '08 downturns echoing in today's recession
39:28 - Prof. Kasindorf's advise to a 20-year old starting their career in Real Estate Law 

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