Zillow Co-Founder Spencer Rascoff on the New Proptech Wave, Democratizing Access with Housing Innovation, & LA Tech Ecosystem

Spencer Rascoff co-founded and ran Zillow for a decade as its CEO. Spencer is also the co-founder at Pacaso and, through his startup studio and VC firm, 75 & Sunny, is an active angel investor in more than 100 companies and is incubating several more. Rascoff is a NYT’s best selling author based in LA who focuses on Proptech, the future of work and the creator economy. Spencer is Visiting Professor at Harvard University where he teaches the StudioLab on Creativity and Entrepreneurship as well.

(0:34) - From Zillow, AirBnB & WeWork to Proptech 2.0: What's next
(3:20) - Mission-oriented founders
(4:53) - Niche & simple vs. full stack solutions
(7:00) - Too much capital: bug or feature
(7:45) - Housing innovation & democratizing access
(9:27) - LA Tech ecosystem: media, entertainment, defense & creator economy
(11:56) - Discomfort Zone: Elon Musk

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